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Earlier Business owners or Executives had to be before a system to manage the operations of an organisation or to view reports of various departments in the organisation. Then came Mobility with the ON-THE-GO capability. Mobile devices with the size advantage combined with the power of operating systems made businesses even more productive. Manage your business from anywhere anytime through a mobile application became the need of the hour after the invent of the mobile phones. A mobile solution can transform your business into a productive system, with real time data updates and instant communication between the peers which saves a lot of time and makes the job even more easier

We at Seventech Labs have mastered the skill of developing mobile application that suits the customers needs. Be it B2B or B2C mobile application development, we deliver exactly that is required for the customer.

Some Of the Apps that we built


The Captains in the restaurants, have to always to be on the move between the customers and the kitchen for communicating the customer's orders to the kitchen, Pickles solved this problem, every captain were given a tablet and as they punch the order the order gets printed in the kitchen. Now captains had more time to focus on the customers and the productivity increased by 60%

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A B2C mobile app, which lists the deals and enables the users to reverse bid on the deals. We have harnessed the GPS capability of the mobile device to list the deals which are closer to the users location, and other cool features include the leaderboard and mobile wallet. Technology stack been used for building this app includes Android, iOS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

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We added the mobile capability to a door and window manufacturing company with this mobile application. The On-The-Go capability optimised the productivity in the organisation. The technology stack used to build the application are Android, Php(Laravel), Mysql at the backend.

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Mobile Partners

We also partner with startups/companies on a long term basis by extending our mobile development capabilities to them.

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